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Israel Does Not Want Uman to Happen

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Officials from the Ministry of Health commented today about the Uman Uman Rosh Hashana situation. They stated that their professional opinion is to be opposed to letting Israelis go to Uman. Letting 30,000 people go to crowd in to an area of a street and a half cannot happen. They are urging the Ukranians to not allow them entry.source: Ynet
I do not think the Israeli Ministry of Health should be so concerned with what the Ukranians want to do and who the Ukranians want to let in. If Israel has a problem with it, they should make the guidelines stricter on Israel's end and that might make it less than attractive for Potential travelers. Do not ease up on the quarantine requirements, and maybe even make the required quarantine longer and under less comfortable conditions (eg a Corona Hotel not selected by the traveler)
Israel's considerations in this are not the same as Ukraine's. Just like Israel is letting in 17,000 foreign students, against the wishes and advice of some people, because Israeli authorities consider it important enough, so Ukraine might decide to allow in an unspecified, as of now, number of people for reasons that are important to them (ie community relations, money, etc).
Israel should not have a say in who Ukraine lets in or does not let in. Israel does have a say in who Israel lets in, and if Israel sees such a trip as dangerous and insane, just make it more difficult for them to to return.
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