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ISIS Slaughters 400 Mostly Women and Children in Palmyra

Posted on the 24 May 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
Kate Pickles, writing in the Daily Mail, tells us:
PalmyraIslamic State militants have executed at least 400 mostly women and children in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra.
Eye-witnesses have reported the streets are strewn with bodies – the latest victims of the Islamic State's unrelenting savagery - on the same day photographs of captured Syrian soldiers have emerged.
It follows the killing of nearly 300 pro-government troops two days after they captured the city, now symbolised by a black ISIS flag flying above an ancient citadel.
There must come a point when enough is enough, as my dear old ma used to say.
One would have to go back to the killing fields of Cambodia under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge to find a political movement even remotely this heinous.
Sadism, child rape, slavery, and general brutality aside, what mainly bothers me about these... people... is this desire to wipe out the treasures of antiquity.  These ruins are history.  They are invaluable to mankind not only because of what we can learn of human history, but their very presence is a continual reminder of the scope and depth of that history.  The fields of archaeology, anthropology, and history are all dependent, in some measure, upon such antiquities and are, therefore, the birthright of all humanity.
This is what the Islamic State is seeking to destroy.  They want not only their enemies dead, but evidence of any previous cultures outside of Islam to be eliminated from human memory.
If the ancient city of Palmyra is not recaptured from the Islamic State soon, how long do you suppose those pillars will stand?  How long before much smaller, but exceedingly valuable treasures of humanity, are sold off to purchase weaponry or women or slaves?
The West has dragged its feet too long on this matter and, after Iraq and Afghanistan, has no taste for putting troops back on the ground in Iraq, nor into Syria.
And so ISIS runs amuck as Barack Obama plays his fiddle and makes sweet cooing sounds to the American public.
I think that enough is enough.
{A Big Tip 'O the Kippa to our friend, Kate.}
From the Comments:
Ricardoh, Walnut Creek CA USA
Four hundred people here, four hundred people there and pretty soon you're talking a lot of people. Hey we don't care they are not ours. They are just someone else's woman and children. How do the leaders of the west sleep at night.
Indeed.  How do the leaders of the west sleep at night?
Bishop C, Southampton, United Kingdom
In a few years time these ISIS soldiers will be back home driving taxis around London and Birmingham.
That's an interesting notion and one that probably has considerable merit.  How many of these Jihadis from European countries will be gone and back without the government even knowing it?  How much blood will be on their hands as they taxi around London and Birmingham?
jiggy, TX, United States
Thank you Dubya for your idiotic nation building fiasco.
TheloniusBeck, Pittsburgh, United States (in reply to jiggy)
Bush had Congressional approval. Thank you Obama for pulling all the troops from Iraq and making it possible for ISIS to flourish.
Jiggy from Texas and TheloniusBeck from Pittsburgh make good points.  No Dubya, no Iraq war.  No Iraq war, no Obama withdrawal.  No Obama withdrawal, no Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  In truth, while I consider Obama to be a weak and ideologically-blinkered president who is not nearly up to the challenges of the moment, it was Bush's adventurism that holds preceding responsibility.
HorseCrazy, Tucson, United States
Don't forget what the idiot Marie Harf of the Obama Administraton said, '....We're not at war with ISIS,.... people join ISIS because they need more jobs.' This is the flimsy excuse by a very weak administration/president, and his staff.
Actually, what the idiot Marie Harf said to Chris Matthews on Hardball was, “we cannot win this war by killing them, we cannot kill our way out of this war.”
She did suggest some sort-of jobs program as a way of easing ISIS recruitment, which I consider to be one of the most purely stupid political proposals since LBJ suggested a Tennessee Valley Authority, New Deal-type program of damming and electrification as a way of coming to peace with North Vietnamese.

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