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Ishay Ribo's Music is Not Appropriate for the Haredi Community?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Remember the LGBT activist (truth is I thought he was a secular activist - I did not know he was an LGBT activist and openly homosexual until I just looked up some information about him) who was upset, just a few weeks ago, about Ishay Ribo's growing popularity and how frequently his songs, and other "faith music" songs, are being played on secular radio stations?
We all, me included, told him to "get outta town", so to speak. Don't like it, turn the station. Oh you cant, because his music is playing there as well? Put in a tape, or cd, or connect your phone Bluetooth and or mp3 player to the car radio and play what you want. If the people want Ishay Ribo's music, who is Gal Uchovsky to say Ishay Ribo does not deserve to be on the radio?
Well, it turns out, Uchovsky has good company. SOme haredim want him banned as well, from the Haredi community playlists.
According to a report on Actualic, a Baid Yaakov teacher in Modiin Ilit told the girls under her purview that they are not allowed to listen to songs by Meir Green in the school complex. She said his song, that a girl had been playing, is not appropriate for Bais Yaakov.
The teacher then went on to make an approved list of Jewish performers whose songs can be listened to an enjoyed. The limited list includes MBD, Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey and Moti Steinmetz.
That's it. The girls can only listen to those four singers. Not Benny Friedman, not Ari Goldwag, not Mordechai Shapiro, not Simcha Leiner, not Yonatan Razel, not Shlomo Katz or Eitan Katz...and the list of banned singers goes on and on...
One of the students asked about Ishay Ribo. The teacher responded that Ribo's songs are full of good content and meaning, but they are not appropriate for the Haredi community.
birds of a feather. We laughed, or scoffed, at Uchovsky when he said it...
though I would like to know what the teacher meant. If the songs, in her opinion, are good content and full of meaning, why are they not appropriate for the Haredi community?
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