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Isabelle's 4 Month Check-in

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
While I was feeding Isabelle before bed this evening I realised that, although my blog is largely about parenting Isabelle and things we do, I haven't actually given much info on the little lady herself. Since she reached the ripe old age of 4 months today, I thought we should "check-in" and update you all on her life over the last while.
Vital statsWeight: at last check (two weeks ago) 14lbs 1oz, so heading for 15lbs nowLength: 63cm

Isabelle's 4 month check-in

Ready for the journey to visit granny and grandad in Norfolk

LikesBoob timePlaying airplaneKissies all over her cheeks and tummy (from mummy)Her 'squiggly' teething toyAny chat about her tootsiesChatting - especially in the morningWatching the flag outside great-granny's houseStanding upBubblesNakey bum timeRow, row, row your boatThe musical butterfly and tambourineBath time
Sticking her bottom lip out and letting her eyes fill with tears if something isn't to her liking!

Isabelle's 4 month check-in

Ready for afternoon tea with great Grandad and great Granny

DislikesGrandad Martin (sadly for him)Not getting boobsThe few minutes after bath time before boob timeHer teeth coming throughLying flat on her back for too longCold teethersIf I take too long to put on my make up
The hard water in Norfolk and it's effects on her hair
Temperatures over 25C
Some special things we did this monthWent to a wedding
Went to the zoo
Visited granny and grandad in Norfolk

Isabelle's 4 month check-in

Celebrating Sophie and Nick's wedding in England

Our daily lifeOur day to day life is not full of huge excitement! But we are always busy, out every day of the week. Normally, after we get up (anytime between 7am and 8.30am) we play for an hour or so, before getting Isabelle washed and dressed. She has her breakfast, before having a nap in her crib (while she does this I shower, Hoover, eat breakfast, put washing on etc). Then we play some more, before walking the dogs and going out for the day. In a typical week we go to our breastfeeding group, do the food shopping, visit granny and grandad, visit great-granny, hang out with auntie Helen and cousin Jacob, go to baby sensory, go swimming, walk the dogs somewhere nice and go to other baby events/groups like nappucinos.   We usually end up coming home around 4, and when her daddy gets home they will chat and play for a bit before he puts her down for a nap. We all have dinner together, then we play upstairs, have a bath, some supper and she pops off to bed.

Isabelle's 4 month check-in

Ready to walk the dogs on a rainy day

So there you have it - a little bit about the fantastic Isabelle at 4 months of age. We can't believe how much she has changed from that tiny baby we brought home 17 weeks ago, and Simon and I both feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter, who is such a little character that she makes us all laugh. We can't wait to see what she gets up to in the next few months...

Isabelle's 4 month check-in

Being pestered by mommy for more pictures

Isabelle's 4 month check-in

Having some 'thinking time'

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