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Is Your Blog Full of Ads?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Does your blog have a lot of ads? Be careful if they are on the top half of your blog or website. Google will be coming down on you fast!
Is Your Blog Full of Ads?

According to Google's own blog they have heard many complaints from users if they click on a result and find it difficult to find actual content that they are not happy with the Google experience. Rather than looking through or scrolling through ads they want to see content right away. I personally do not like pops up coming at me when I'm trying to read something. Annoying!

So what does this mean for your blog or website? 

1) Google will not rank you high if you site is filled with ads that are top heavy - appearing before content
2) Your blog or website will not be found in the search on the first pages of the Google search
3) Your views will go down
4) Your page rank may go down
5) Once you do make changes it may take several weeks for the google bot to crawl your blog or website before you'll notice any changes in the algorithm. (That also depends on how many pages your website has too)

Google says this will affect less than 1% of all searches performed globally. So in less than 1 in 100 searches you may notice a different result. Google plans on rolling out 500 changes for 2012.

How will you keep up with the Google changes affecting your blog?

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