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Is This the Cheapest Porridge in Scotland?

By Emma @glasgowfoodie

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Budget oats and porridge making

World Porridge Day is on Wednesday 10th October and it got us thinking about all porridge. We've found out that this weekend (6th and 7th October) Lidl are selling 1kg of Scottish porridge oats for 49p! Could this be the cheapest porridge out there? If you see porridge cheaper, please let us know.

Porridge has long been a good family breakfast. Everyone likes theirs made a certain way. My fave is oats, milk and some honey, whilst Mr Foodie does like a dollop of ginger jam. A tingly and sweet mixture. Mr C is a traditionalist with his oats, water and some salt. Stirred with a wooden spoon.

How do you like yours?

Making a pot of porridge every day can seem a bit of a hassle to make every morning. One way to get around this is to make overnight oats. Nichola from Three Sisters Bake has shared her recipe for Overnight Oats with us to show you how easy it is to start your day with some healthy oats to make a filling breakfast. Click here to see the recipe

Is this the cheapest porridge in Scotland?

Click here for more information about Three Sisters Bake and their cafes.

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