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Is This How Britney Felt

By Qk @quinnkitten

I just typed the words my interest in this season has collapsed like a and could go no further which is an actual perfect reflection of my absence of interest and another indication that the brain numbing tedium of it all is getting to me which is notable because there are few things I love more than a good hard brain numbing.
Is This How Britney FeltNothing much interesting happens anymore because it has been determined that interesting things may alienate fans except a shift in focus has occurred whereby talk is less about fans and more about mums and dads and ugly eyeless little attempts to appeal to these mums and dads have rendered the game a colourless and flaccid imitation of its former self in kind of the same way that the Coalition and the ALP have reduced themselves to wrung-out and barely recognisable imitations of the parties they once were by focusing exclusively on appealing to the dim and pliant middle but still expecting loyalty from their traditional supporter bases after systematically neutralising every ideological difference that ever distinguished one from the other in the first place and despite practicing the modern art of apathy just existing amid all this lying dullness and cancerous bullshit is a devastating drain on the senses and spirit and is it any wonder I get sick just from being alive no not really actually it’s a wonder I’m alive at all
 Is This How Britney Felt 

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