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Is This an Alien? No... It's the Sleeping Animal Video of the Day!!!

By Petslady @petslady

Okay, I'm including this as an Animal Video of the Day because a lot of people have not been exposed to this type of feline--and I have.  And they feel like a bizarre type of suede when you give them rubbins.  In this video, uploaded by tracyhoss on April 7, 2007, you can see just how odd these little guys look--particularly when sleeping:

My ex-wife had one of these little cats.  He was the sweetest thing ever.  But he just felt... odd.  Sort of like sweating leather or suede or something.  There are several breeds of hairless cats including the type above, which is a Sphinx.  They make really great little pets...

If you have any hairless cat stories, feel free to contact us!

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