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Is There Such Thing as a Language Not Worth Learning?

By Tlb
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Usually, you often hear and read in this article which language is the best one to learn. If you could recall, the typical respond towards this query is that, it always depends on the learner onto which language is the best for him. Spanish will be considered to be the best language to learn for him if he would be working or staying in Mexico, Buenos Aires, or Spain. To those who will avail the advantages of employment opportunities in Germany, Spanish will not be the best language to learn, but German. That’s just how it should be. It’s that simple.

However, a blog about languages and information raised a question that discloses the other side of languages best prospect to learn. Just as the heading of this article is entitled, are there any languages that a learner should never choose to learn?

First of all, we should understand that one language is not less important compared to the other. English should never be considered more important and worth learning over German just because English has the most number of speakers. English, with all do respect, has the same honor and recognition like the other languages.

Neil Breakwell, one of the article writers in Ezine Articles illustrated, strongly wrote an article related to this topic. The idea of writing this article was actually taken from his. He said, “What languages would a person automatically cross off their list of possible choices? (The lists about which languages are not really worth learning) Well to be honest the ones that they deem utterly useless.

“These (from experience and not preference) tend to be languages that they would consider having no apparent use in the world. Esperanto is often the first name that comes up, but that is often closely followed by languages such as Klingon and Elven. Languages that can actually be learned but seem to have no obvious benefit. Many people are ridiculed for being able to speak Klingon, and the thought of mastering Esperanto just boggles the mind of most people. But are they really completely useless languages?”

Let us all be reminded that there is no useless language in this world. Like I said, one language will not be considered more important just because it has lesser number of speakers. Esperanto may not be as famous as Spanish or French; still, it is a language worth learning. Therefore, there is no language not worth learning.

To learn language depending on a learner’s choice is indeed worth learning since it gives a purpose of effective communication.  Let us learn to appreciate ALL languages—since all kinds of languages are worth learning for!

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