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Is There A Such Thing As A Natural Memory Foam Mattress?

By Zenbedrooms @zen_bedrooms

Sometimes, consumers who were ready to buy memory foam mattresses get hesitant when they hear about the synthetic, possibly carcinogenic chemicals used in standard memory foam. They are also bothered by the fact that memory foam mattresses can trap debris. They then begin to wonder if there is something just as comfortable but healthier for the user. The answer is yes, there is.
Natural memory foam mattresses are made of latex, a natural material made from processed rubber tree sap. Original latex mattresses lost favour with customers long ago because they were too firm. Now, manufacturers are finding ways to soften up the material so that it feels almost identical to traditional memory foam mattresses.
Natural memory foam mattress provides the best of both worlds: comfort and improved health. But that combination of features is not cheap. Latex mattress often cost upwards of $1,500. That is a lot considering that a regular mattress can be purchased for much less than 500 in most cases.For those that can afford it, it is a good investment, but there are other options for those who cannot spend that much.
Pocket sprung mattresses are made of springs that are not interconnected. Standard mattress springs are interconnected, meaning they can’t individually respond the weight they support. This leads to increased pressure on the back, hence the growing market for other types of mattresses. Pocket sprung mattresses are much more supportive and apply much less pressure on the back because the springs are free to respond freely without being pulled by other springs.
These mattresses can be wonderful options for people who have not been satisfied with their current mattress. The best part is that they are not nearly as expensive as natural memory foam mattresses. That’s right, they cost much less and still proved a markedly improved sleeping experience.

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