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Is the World Ready to 'Go Green'?

Posted on the 12 March 2013 by Derick Ajumni
Is the world ready to 'Go Green'? Following environmental and social events in the world today may suggest that the world is splitting in two. On one side those trying to justify exploiting fossil sources for energy while screaming 'jobs', and on the other side environmentalists trying to mitigate climate change while screaming 'polar bears'. Finger pointing will not and has never solved any global issue. Being sustainable is a look to the future. It can create new jobs and save polar bears at the same time - thinking about it critically - cost can also be reduced in the process of being sustainable if done correctly.
A solar system can save home and business owners a lot of money while helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that reach the atmosphere. With the price of oil growing higher and higher we should seriously be trying to do something about addressing the scenario. The fact remains that the world does not use oil to produce electricity in a massive scale but if we could instill in our minds the idea that going green is beneficial to every economy and for the future of the planet, this will probably infiltrate into other areas of the economy and maybe one day reduce the use of coal as a major source of energy production.
This blog tries to propose solutions to the problem one Solar PV installation at a time. Many governments offer programs that seek to create incentives for property owners to easily install up to a Mega Watt PV system with very flexible economic standing. Today, installing a solar PV system is not only an easy process but a less expensive one too. Watch this blog closely for further updates on this issue.

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