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is the US Peace Envoy Compromised?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
is the US peace envoy compromised? When the photo of Jared Kushner sitting in shul on Tisha bAv on an overturned chair low to the floor like anybody else, I ignored. For some reason everyone seemed amazed and/or infatuated with the idea that Jared Kushner, a person who is religious (in whatever way and in whatever capacity), is commemorating Tisha BAv in the traditional way. To me it was rather boring and even invasive. Besides for the fact that it was a picture from the back - it might be him, but it might not be him.
However, that changes now. Now Hamas has come across the picture and is using it in its propaganda against the peace process (whatever exists of it, or whatever might one day exist of it). And that makes it more interesting.
The Shebab News Agency took this picture of Jared Kushner on Tisha bAv and posted it on Facebook saying that if the USA peace envoy to the Middle East is mourning over the destruction of the Temple from Har Habayit, how can the Palestinians rely on such a person and believe he can be impartial?
Now that is interesting...
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