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Is the Death Penalty Just? – Response to a Question

By Mba @mbartoloabela

Is the death penalty just? – Response to a questionTHE DIVINE HEART OF GOD THE FATHER

The question has been repeatedly asked, “Is the death penalty just?” Here is the response from the mind of the Church.


Pope Blessed Paul VI

“Go out into the world and make every effort possible in every way to restore the dignity of man, and all that it implies! I stand foursquare with modern theologians who hold that prudentially and historically capital punishment does not fit into the greater contemporary theological awareness of the worth of each individual on earth” (Speech to the Bishops at closing of Vatican Council II, Vatican City, 1965).

Note: Paul VI removed capital punishment from the fundamental law of Vatican City in 1969.

Pope Saint John Paul II

“On this matter there is a growing tendency, both in the Church and in civil society, to demand that it be applied in a very limited way or even that it be abolished…

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