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is Shas Haredi?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Now here is something I do not understand.
MKs and askanim from Shas are going to the rabbonim who spoke against Guetta and said he should be thrown out. They are going to ask that they reverse their call and allow him to withdraw his resignation.
source: Actualic
I do not get it. It this is a Haredi party and what the rabbonim say goes, why would they ask the rabbonim to change their minds? That is not very Haredi of them. Do they not accept the rabbonim's opinion for what it is?
In Habayit Hayehudi they state openly that they do not follow the rabbonim and only take the opinion of their rabbonim under advisement, not as decisive. Shas is not even doing that - they are just trying to tell the rabbis what to say!
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