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Is Rachel Dolezal White Or Black?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
At first the Rachel Dolezal story sounded strange, like a joke, and even a bit ridiculous. Initial thoughts included thinking she might be crazy, maybe insane, wondering why a white person cannot run an organization for the advancement of colored people, wondering what's the need... but mostly thinking she must be crazy.
Now, as the dicussion about her situation continues on, my wonder has turned in another direction. Forget if she is crazy or insane or ridiculous..
Now I wonder what the big deal is. I wonder - if a man can consider himself a woman and be considered a hero, if a woman can consider herself a man, if anybody can pretty much consider himself whatever he or she wants and be considered normal in society, so why can't a white woman consider herself black?
Is Rachel Dolezal white? Is she black? Who cares what she calls herself? Why does it matter? People call themselves whatever community they want to associate with...
And if you do not like it, if you have a problem with a white woman considering herself black, you have a problem with our society in general today. Rahel Dolezal did not do anything out of the ordinary of today's society.
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