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Is Private Browsing Private?

Posted on the 14 January 2020 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

Leaving behind your digital footprint is one of the key factors for which hackers can easily exploit personal information. The hackers are continuously looking for the weak spot in the network so that they can get access to sophisticated data and financial information. You can even lose your identity online due to the data breach. Let’s say, you have lost your Facebook account. The hackers can easily communicate with your friends via your social media account.

To avoid such problems, the developers have come up with the unique solution of private browsing. You don’t worry about the login information since no data is collected in the process of private browsing.

So, Is Private Browsing Safe?

Some of you might have doubt with the safe browsing technology. To be honest, it does offer a safe private browsing session and your data is completely safe. You can even search for trending products anonymously via the search engine like Privado. Let us give you a simple example so that you can understand it’s a safe process. In the online market place, if you browse the same product over and over again, chances are the high automated program will increase the price especially for you. The programs track your IP and MAC address to perform this task. But with the help of privado private browsing search engine, you can browse thousands of products without getting tracked. So, you can always expect the best price from the popular eCommerce sites.

Bandwidth Limit

Some of the high DA sites often limit the number of downloads per user from their sites. Such websites keep track of the users based on IP address and login information. But if you use private browsing websites, you can stay anonymous. There will be no bandwidth limit for your specific IP address. If the private search algorithm was based on fake logic, you would not have the liberty to browse websites for free who impose bandwidth limits on their users.

Browsing History

If you use the browser for private internet search, you will notice the history is available in your browser. You might be wondering what it’s not private. But there is a small twist to the private browsing session. To understand things better, you need to understand how private browsers work. Usually, the private browsers delete history automatically once the browsing window is closed. This process is irreversible. Thus you don’t have to worry about your data when you use private browsers.

Loopholes In Private Browsing

You might focus on private searches with Privado but no one can give you the 100% guarantee your data is protected. For instance, if you click on a suspicious link, a key logger might get installed on your computer without giving any signal. As soon as the key logger gets activated, it can monitor each stroke of the keyboard and mouse. It can take screen shoot at regular intervals and send this valuable information to the hackers. You need to be careful about the malware and suspicious link even doing a private search on the internet.

Protecting The Sophisticated Information

Internet users can leave digital footprint while accessing unknown websites or using third-party software. More than 1.4 million phishing websites are created per month. If you want to protect your personal information from hackers, it’s very obvious you need to start embracing private search. But this is not enough to make you secure online. Before you install any third-party software make sure it’s free from bugs. Always browse contents from the reliable sites. Never trust third party websites when it comes to payment solutions. You have to understand the fact, online safety greatly depends on the user’s end actions. Unless it’s super important, never share sophisticated personal information via websites.

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