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Is Pat Condell a Racist?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I've been an admirer of Pat Condell since he started putting videos on Facebook. A number of his video clips talk about his attitude towards Muslims, but they are not all exclusively on that topic. I appreciated how he said things as he sees them, says things that are not popular or politically correct and just says what he means. Even if I did not always agree with what he said, I admired him for saying it.
While in his previous videos his diatribes were fairly clear and well-reasoned, in his latest video, below, Condell just comes off as a racist. As I was watching it I was feeling disgusted and thought to myself, switch out just a few words and he could easily turn this on any other minority group - switch "Muslims" for "Jews" and "halal" for "kosher", and none of us would appreciate him so much anymore.

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