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Is Modiin Really Worse Than a Gas Chamber?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
we regularly hear how great of a city Modiin is.. the residents of our neighboring city especially like to point out to us residents of Bet Shemesh how great Modiin is every time Bet Shemesh makes the news for some crazy incident..
It was pretty shocking to read today in the news that some young adults hate Modiin so much that they compared it to living in a concentration camp!
A 21 year old male posted to his Facebook page how bad it is in Modiin and said that it would be better to be in the gas chambers than to be in "this city". He generated a lot of discussion, with many people coming out and supporting his statement.
He explained what he said by saying that this feeling they have is due to the lack of entertainment options available in the city.
Funnily enough, residents of many other towns, including Bet Shemesh, keep their eyes to Modiin for their entertainment needs! In Modiin they have a skate park, bowling alley (which we now have in BS as well), movie theater among other things.
source: Mynet
While far be it from me to say whether there is enough entertainment available for the young generation in Modiin, it seems to me to be quite crass to say it is so bad that a gas chamber would be better. Comparing life to life in a gas chamber just because there is a shortage of bars and discos is truly insulting.
can youth be satisfied? no matter what or how much the city provides, eventually they will get bored with the available options, and will want more or different things. Is the answer to simply add more buses at night, so they can go to Tel Aviv and party all night long? A bedroom community like Modiin is never going to be able to provide enough entertainment to keep every kid happy all the time.
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