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Is Les Mis a Religious Movie?

Posted on the 28 December 2012 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Webster Bull poses, and answers, the question:

But what surprised me most of all about Les Miz the Movie was how religious it is—though whether this LesMiserablesfact will be acknowledged by anyone outside the religious media is a question that hangs in my brain. Is Les Miz a religious movie?
Having just read a book about Anti-Catholicism in America, I am braced for any and all Catholic images in film being targets of fun and ridicule and calumny. Here in Les Miz the Movie, instead, Catholic characters are presented from beginning to end absolutely without irony.
This is a grace.
Perhaps all of you hardened Les Miz watchers knew this, but I didn’t.
— Jean Valjean doesn’t become the hero of his own story but for the forgiveness of a Catholic priest, who lets him get away with stealing the silver.
— Fantine does not survive peacefully without the ministrations of a nursing sister in full flying-nun habit.
— Jean and Cosette find refuge in a convent where sisters in similar winged wimples are seen saying the night office.
— And the saving priest and a heavenly Fantine all reemerge and converge at the end to bless Jean’s passage, as it certainly is, into heaven.
All this is remarkable. And worthy of praise.

I've never been fond of musicals... but... I may have to make an exception.  I know Mrs. Brutally Honest will enjoy it which is more reason to go.  

Mr. Bull by the way has an e-book of sorts over at his place chronicling his pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.  It's an excellent read.

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