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Is Kuwait Getting MORE Expensive?

By Umkhaloodie

What do you think? Of course we have inflation, everywhere does but is it getting really expensive? Are you paying the same as you were or similar 5kd more for your groceries? What about Rent? How much does a 1 bedroom apartment cost these days in a reasonably nice apartment block? 6 years ago, I paid around 280kd for a one bedroom or 350 for a two bedroom. Both were nice apartments, nothing really special but liveable. My groceries cost around 30kd per week…… was just me, and that was a luxury budget. That would have gotten me salad, chicken, bread, butter, milk, cheese, fruit, etc, etc. Nowadays I spend around 80kd a week, I have two kids and nappies/baby wipes and crap cost alot…I buy the libero and we pay almost 6kd per pack!

I saw an article that was discussing inflation; apparently In this week’s online poll conducted by Arab Times on inflation in Kuwait, a majority of respondents, about 48 percent, said inflation has affected housing rents the most in the state.

What do you think? Obviously we don’t notice when we fill our tanks for 3kd/4kd which is what 10 dollars? 6 quid? But what about other areas of our lives? Do you feel like it is all getting too expensive?

Do you think that if inflation is rising salaries should be increased?

World map showing inflation, updated for 2009....

World map showing inflation, updated for 2009. Grey means no data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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