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Is Kaká Back?

By Simplyfutb01 @simplyjuan11




On Wednesday night something seemed different about Real Madrid. Mourinho surprised everyone by including Kaká in the starting lineup.

It was a shock to fans and even to the former FIFA World Player of the Year. The 30 year old has been spending most of his time on the bench during his many years at Real Madrid.

The start on Wednesday against Ajax put the star back to his old self. His creativity and presence changed how the midfield played. Positioning for the team has been a problem on midfield and with Kaká in place they seemed stronger as a whole. He had many chances to score and even gave an assist to Karim Benzema in the 48th minute.

Real Madrid will play Barcelona at the Camp Nou on Sunday and with a victory would put them 11 points over their rivals in La Liga.

The addition of Modric and with the versatile Ozil surely put the star in a coffin and with rumors looming everywhere fans thought Kaká would never be in a Real Madrid uniform again.

Modric brings that young spark that Kaká had back in his prime and a good addition with English futbol in his resume like Ronaldo. Ozil brings an up pace tempo and precise passing that most Madrid players are used to with their changing system. Kaká has always been known as that game changer we have seen in the past 10 years. Putting him back on the pitch to start is make or break for Real Madrid.

If given the chance on Sunday it will change the outcome of the match completely. Kaká’s demeanor at CM creates a strong offensive and defensive standpoint that Modric and Ozil lack. He has the spark to create passes that others on the team will only dream of making. Sure Ozil and Di Maria can shoot at a high speed, but not on target every time like Kaká can. You can see that other Real Madrid relies on their defense a lot, but
there was #8 running back and forth the entire game. Exactly what the job description asks for.

It’s Kaká’s goal to start every game and we will see if he has what it takes to be there once again.

With the chemistry of Kaká and Ronaldo the team looks stacked. Of course only 11 players get to start a game and someone is always left out.

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