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Is It Well ?

By Rachel Rachelhagg @thehaggerty5


As we walked along the shore He asked me point blank:

Is it well with you?

I couldn’t answer him just yet. I let my feet feel the warm water and my hair twirl in the wind. I saw my heart beating in his hands , to the beat of his. We walked along together in silence as I swayed with the wind. Arms wrapped around my middle where Jude once lived and eyes closed I whispered …


There was no reluctance or strife in my low whisper. I kept up the pace as my children surrounded me , then quickly surpassed my footprints. Along they went in laughter to their Daddy. Jumping , skipping as I wanted to be.

It was then I felt his warmth around my shoulders. My body tingled with his presence as we walked. Like Newlyweds we bonded there, again our love became new as He wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I was his bride again, eager to belong to him. Eager to give him my heart.

The waves crashed at my feet , but I felt nothing but his arms , guiding me into the sunset.

As I walked along the path to go home I passed a beautiful family. All brunette, bold tan skin and so joyful as they walked hand in hand together.

A young mom offered to let me by as the path was so narrow , and her toddler was struggling to keep up.

” I’ll let you go ahead, she’s slow.”

” No it’s ok, I have three of my own. I’m used to this. Take your time.”

I stood behind them, watching the baby make her way up the steep path. My feet replaced her tiny ones, and as she walked I whispered …

I have four.


Is it well ?

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