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is It Time to De-legalise PROFIT?

Posted on the 08 January 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
is it time to de-legalise PROFIT?well, this post might to cause a stir: is it time to de-legalise PROFIT?
"But, then, Mike, how are we to make a living?"
Now, we're talking, but first what do I mean by 'profit'.
In business, you have overheads (costs) and takings (how much money you make), profit is 'what's left from your takings once you've removed your overheads'. It's real easy. Too easy, maybe. Why is that? Well, why are you living your life like that? There's nothing virtuous or right about making money, there's nothing moral about charging more than something's worth, there's nothing honest about rising inflation as an Economic Model - it's just wrong. Did you know, the GREAT DEPRESSION was caused by very low rates of inflation? Yeah, this 'weird game' all the Economists are making makind play is SO FUCKING INSANE that a) you're inventing debt by making money, which you'all have to pay back b) you have to work harder to make the same money, as inflation means it's not worth what it was and c) who says you should be living life like this, chasing from hand to mouth like a rat in a lab? Where is YOUR LIFE?Where is YOUR TIME?Where is YOUR FUTURE? Have you seen the degrading list of things people do to 'turn a profit'? Prostituting themselves for an hourly wage? Selling someone else's shit product on TV? Stabbing colleagues in the back for a raise? Selling their neighbor to a government for a reward? Taking hostages for ransom? Taking on extortionate interest-rate loans to pay for life's basics?  And on, and on... that is no life for you, or your family. Profit is the cause of most crime, now that's a fact. One thing we can do TODAY is de-legalise the 'making of profit'. Suddenly, there's about 45% less crime (fraud, stealing, aggravated robbery, car theft) and about 200% less stress from not having to run around chasing your own tail like a dog with worms. Think about it, "De-legalise PROFIT," you know it makes sense.

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