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Is It Killing You?

By Zer @the2women

…Turn It Off

What’s killing us now?

Here’s a few hints:

–It’s bigger than a bread box.
–Or possibly smaller than a bread box.
–There’s also a good chance that you have one or two of them in your home already.

Give up?

The Answer: Everyone’s favorite death-trap, the television.

According to a group of researchers in Australia, watching an hour of TV after the age of 25 can shorten the viewer’s life by just under 22 minutes.

In case that’s not depressing enough; that’s the equivalent of smoking two cigarettes.

The take away message is obviously supposed to be something about adopting a more active lifestyle. But scientists may be missing a valuable opportunity here.

The over-25 crowd has obviously forgotten how to watch TV correctly.

Why not learn from the younger generation?

Maybe the secret lies in the hand-me-down furniture, cheap beer, or some other cliche?

I’m sure with enough time and money we can find the answer. This member of the under-25 crowd is more than willing to help out.


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