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Is It Google Street View Or Google Sea View?

Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Mirchimart @Chilbuli_Guide


Google updated their Google Maps Street View with underwater panoramic images. So now its Google Sea View or still Google Street View? These new underwater pictures shows us incredible marine topology along with wealth of sealife too. Now you can experience sea turtle swimming among a school of fish, follow a manta ray and experience the reef at sunset.

Richard Vevers, project director for the Catlin Seaview Survey said:

This will allow the 99.9 percent of the population who have never been diving to go on a virtual dive for the first time

Google did this awesome job by partnering with The Catlin Seaview Survey. Google crawled six of the ocean’s most incredible living coral reefs namely Heron, Lady Elliot and Wilson Islands at the Great Barrier Reef, Molokini Crater and Hanauma Bay in Hawaii and the Apo Islands in the Philippines. These 360 degree panoramic pictures were taken from a special camera named as Seaview SVII.
Check out this video from Google:

You can check out this beautiful imagery at Google Maps ocean portal. Guys did you like this new Street View or not?

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