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Is Imitation The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

It is true that this person really admires your style and wants to look like you.  Otherwise they’d be asking someone else where they buy their clothes.

I commonly am asked where I get certain pieces in my wardrobe, from clothing to shoes and accessories.  Some pieces are from local stores, others I’ve sourced on my travels (I tend to shop more when I’m away from home than I do here).  It’s easy then for me to say “I bought it overseas” and not have to worry that suddenly I will see doppelgangers on every street corner.

So how to answer that question without offending, but also not giving too much information to go on so that your style can’t be exactly replicated?

1. It was a gift.

2. I got it overseas or in XXX city.

3. It’s just “XX” brand, but  last season.

4.  It was from this little boutique and I was lucky enough to get the last one.

5. I picked it up at a second hand store or charity shop.

6. I bought it off ebay.

7. From a clothing swap.


You could also use the tactic of complimenting them (when they’re wearing something that is unrelated to what you wear), to encourage them to develop their own style.

You could talk about how they are so lucky to be able to wear X which just doesn’t suit you.  Point out all the differences between your body shape, and colouring and make mention of how that influences your choices.  They may just be desperately searching for a style that suits them and have no idea where to go and think you look great, and don’t understand that they need to find out what really works for them.  You could also point them here as a resource to help them find their style.

What would you say to someone who keeps trying to steal your style?  Please share your experience in the comments!

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