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Is Haredi (Litvishe) Rabbinic Leadership Passe?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to an article on Actualic, Degel activists are not happy with the decision to support Moshe Lion for mayor in Jerusalem rather than Yossi Deutsch. Earlier Degel leader Rav Baruch Soloveitchil was also quoted as saying he does not understand the decision to support Lion rather than Deutsch but that's what the rabbonim decided... now the activists are upset, calling it political suicide. They are murmuring and even saying that Lion and Berkovitch will likely make it to the second round of voting and they suspect the Chassidic groups will support Berkovitch in the second round as revenge for Degel not supporting Deutsch. The activists basically feel that supporting Lion is a flawed decision that has no chance of success.
None of us are prophets and nobody really knows what will happen next week. The most anybody can do is guess and make assumptions based on what they think will happen and based on the numbers they believe in.
What will or will not happen is not the point here, as I do not peddle in prophecy. I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet.
My point is that I find it interesting that the party activists are openly upset and talking against the decision made by the political leadership upon consultation with the rabbonim. I do not remember any such behavior in past elections, even when some decisions were potentially questionable. I think it points to the leadership void since the deaths of Rav Elyashiv and Rav Shteinman. And maybe also the move away from taking everything the rabbonim say as the final word and "torah misinai"
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