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Is Governor Chris Christie’s Weight a Problem?

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ)This seems to be the question largely asked nowadays.  Governor Christie (R-NJ) has been the butt of many jokes since he was elected governor of New Jersey.  Christie is technically morbidly obese.  Many people have asked if his weight should be a considering factor if he ran for president.  Some question if it is wise to vote for a man who, one would assume, has major risk factors.

On Tuesday, Christie was a guest on the David Letterman show.  Letterman has been relentless in joking about Christie’s weight at the governor’s expense.  During the segment, Christie decided to partake in the joke and began eating donuts.  

Dr. Connie Mariano, Former-President Clinton’s physician, said in an interview with CNN that although she likes him she thinks he should lose weight.  She said he is a “ticking time bomb.”

Governor Christie did not appreciate her comments.  He ended his press conference by telling the doctor that unless she learns the specifics of his medical history and current state she should “shut up.”

Dr. Mariano thinks it doesn’t take a doctor to realize he should lose weight.  And she didn’t appreciate the fact he attacked her personally instead of taking her advice.

I think Christie is right.  She has no right to diagnose his future.  She is not his doctor.  She knows nothing other than what she sees on TV.  Her comments that he will die in office were unprofessional.  She gets mad at him for personally attacking him, but in fact she attacked him first.  Telling someone on national television that they may very well die in office and that they should immediately lose weight is an attack.  At least it is to me.

I have struggled with my weight most of my young life.  Like Gov. Christie I have made many attempts to lose weight, only to gain the weight back.  My most successful weight loss was in 2007 when I lost 120 lbs in a year.  Unfortunately, I’ve since fallen into bad habits and have gained a considerable amount of weight back.

Telling someone that they need to lose weight does not make them more inclined to lose weight.  I am not dumb.  I know I need to lose weight.  If anything you telling me I need to lose weight only makes me that much more hesitant to do something about it.

Should Christie’s weight be a deterrent if he ran for president?

I don’t think it should.  I don’t recall the press making such a big deal that then-Senator Obama was a smoker.  Granted he has apparently stopped since becoming president, but still I don’t recall this being anywhere near as big of an issue.  Someone can die for any reason at any time.

I think you should vote for the person based on their politics.  What have they achieved?  What do they plan on achieving?  Their appearance (i.e. gender, race, age, weight, etc.) should not matter.  At least it doesn’t for me.  There were some who didn’t vote for Senator John McCain during the 2008 campaign because they were afraid he would die in office and that VP candidate Sarah Palin would assume the office of the presidency.  McCain comes from a family with great longevity.  In fact, his 101-year-old mother is still alive.

If a candidate has a family history of cancer, should you not vote for them because they have a likelier chance of getting cancer?

What about family history of strokes or heart attacks?


What do you think?

Should his weight be a factor?  Is it for you?

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