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is 'Free Planet' Hugh MacLeod's Idea of an 'Evil Plan'?

Posted on the 14 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
is 'Free Planet' Hugh MacLeod's idea of an 'Evil Plan'?it has been said that the EVIL PLAN in professional cartoonist Hugh MacLeod's new book EVIL PLANS (having fun on the road to world domination) "...has to be something the ELITE BANKERS have no idea is coming their way, something they would just never think of."
Now, we have the Arab Spring uprisings, that were nothing more than ANOTHER RULER TAKES CONTROL, by Twitter. And even if this 'push towards Democracy' continues to spread all the way to Europe it won't change the way we are ruining this our one and only homeworld. We also have the so-called Cyber Wars in the name of Anonymous and LulzSec et al that no one really knows if they're part of the game or not.
Then there's the silvetards. You hear this clarion cry all the time from the alternative media, "Invest in silver/gold to bring down the banksters." I mean DON'T YOU THINK THEY'VE THOUGHT OF THIS, a simple solutions to 'asset ownership'? I'm convinced there's a cunning counter strike on its way to deal with billions of silver-burdened individuals once they're ready to pounce, mark my words. Where there's muck there's brass and 'Ordo Ab Chao' are the bases up which Global Governance is built, since before the Persian Empire. But who in their right mind even cares about a metal-backed currency? Money (or the fraudulent back and forth of {{{BitCoin, LOL}}} digits in a system) is the root evil here anyway.
PROFIT insures SLAVERY, and vice versa.
There really is ONLY ONE WAY to deliver the revolutionary KICK UP THE ARSE this over-Consumerised planet needs and that's FREE PLANET. Click that link to read online. Download FREE PLANET (70 pages) in ebook version, FOR FREE. Do some reading. Educate your global friends, your global neighbours and your GLOBAL FAMILY that is mankind. Buy the FREE PLANET T-shirt, I make no profit on these items, they're for You The People to 'be a part of' my EVIL PLAN for a world powered by Creativity, Passion & Kinship.
Together, we win against ANY ARMED INSURGENCY against our liberty.
Apart, we are picked off one (broken) legal case at a time.
Free Planet fails, so does humanity.

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