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Is English Language a Threat Among Other Regional Languages?

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“Learning of English is certainly a very essential for higher education, to communicate with multi-lingual Indians and for venturing abroad for education or business purposes. But despite according full respect to the great language named English, it should be urgently seen that the regional languages are not neglected.”

The statement mentioned above was written to a forum site wherein English was argued to become a hindrance among other regional languages.

You and I know how far the need is of learning English language has become a demand in these times. You and I also know that English is not just considered to be a glamorously famous language, but it is an important language that every person needs to learn. ‘Needs to learn”— in a sense that it is considered to be the latest international language during these modern times, and that it affects most of the aspects in our social life. Whether you apply for a new job, travel abroad, or just stay in your own vicinity and watch TV, a person’s knowledge in English is not just a necessity, but a mandatory.

And since English seem to be a demanding language that affects most of the social system in our lives, the language is both directly and indirectly mandates us to learn and practice it at all times. Is English language really threatens other regional languages? How about your own native language, does English compete to it personally?

Well, according to the forum writer, “English poses no threat to various regional languages,” and I personally agree with that. “As far as regional languages in India are concerned, they have only regional identities and do not have a global appeal. So, it might appear to some that English is posing a threat to other languages but this is not the case.

“Everyone is free to speak or write a language of his choice in India and by using a specific language; other languages do not lose their appeal. So it would be wrong to presume that English is a threat to any other language.

“In fact, English language has its impact throughout the world because many people understand this language. In India there are various languages but each has its own identity and background. So, none of the languages are in any way inferior to the other languages. There is no doubt that English language has created its impact in India but English language does not see other languages as its poor cousins.

How about you? If English is not your native language, do you think English is somewhat threatening to your own native language? This article is purposely written for a forum. Please write your reactions below and comment your point pf view.

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