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Is Coffee Paleo?

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
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Is Coffee Paleo Post Banner

Is Coffee Paleo?

When people ask “Is Coffee Paleo?” the doubt comes from two sources: Is the need for stimulation through food consumption something that imitates the tendencies of our Stone Age ancestors? Does the process of preparation and confection infringe in the Paleo principles of imitating the dietary habits of the Paleolithic era?

Let’s answer both questions.

Is caffeine consumption a Paleo process?

Since it is impossible to determine with certainty whether our Stone Age ancestors consumed any kind of plant with the purpose of combating the elements, namely, temperature, let’s look at what other, more recent ancestors have shown as a behavioral tendency.

Plants and their products have been consumed for thousands of years to alleviate maladies, curb hunger, or raise metabolism with the purpose of regulating the temperature of the body. Coffee contains caffeine. However, other products that are not coffee also contain variable amounts of the same substance because that is how they are naturally made. Under this premise, yes, caffeine would be an accepted Paleo substance. Also, consuming caffeine (in moderation, of course) is a practice that other hunter-gatherer nations, such as the Navajo, for example, have also performed not only with coffee leaves, but also with kava, tobacco, and many more.

Making the coffee

Grinding coffee, boiling it and drinking it do not add or take away from the natural food. These processes simply change it from solid to liquid form. Consuming coffee in its natural state (without added dairy and sugar) is no different than drinking herbal tea or any other similar beverage. It is a mix no different than water and lemon. Again, the difference is getting a coffee product that is filled with artificial flavors and added sweeteners. That is where the problem starts, and that is when making and drinking coffee stops being a Paleo friendly habit.

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How to enjoy coffee the Paleo way

Drink it black, if you can. Re-learn to enjoy this ancient drink! Need a boost of sweetness? Don’t forget that coconut milk and coconut cream are

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Paleo. These delicious dairy substitutes add flavor and nutrients to coffee, without the need to use creams and additives that bloat your stomach and add no macro or micronutrients.

Additionally, consider chickory root as a delicious and healthy coffee substitute. Chicory root is caffeine free and has been used since ancient times as a liver purifier and digestive system support. We developed a great recipe for a chickory root smoothie that is fantastic!

Coffee can also be enjoyed as a flavor enhancer. Ground coffee is great for desserts if you want to add a smoky flavor to a mousse, or to an almond flour cake. Make it as a coffee Paleo ice cream, in cookies, or dip the actual bean in cacao for a great snack that is also super energizing for long workouts. It is not about whether coffee is good enough, or Paleo enough. The question is, how can you use this natural food in an optimal way that can benefit you in the long run.

The answer to the ‘is coffee paleo’ question is simple: When used in moderation, and when needed, coffee can be a Paleo friendly food choice that can help make you active when you need it or want it the most.

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