Is Coffee Acidic Or Basic?

Posted on the 14 March 2019 by Koobies Coffee

Coffee is one of the typical beverage across the world. Its extracted from coffee berries and has different varieties. There are various questions which may linger on an individual's mind about coffee. Is coffee acidic? Or is coffee acidic or basic? By looking at its chemical composition, it's clear that coffee is acidic.

From a natural perspective, we can say that coffee is basic. The preparation process would determine the acidity levels. If you need to lower the levels, you can consider altering the brewing process.

How to Measure the Acidity or Basicity of Your Coffee?    

Is Coffee Acidic?

Acidity levels in coffee can be measured using a pH scale. The scale measures hydrogen ions molar concentration in the coffee. Black coffee has a pH value of 5. Any value from 6 and below is considered to be acidic and increases as the value goes down to 1. The acidity may be higher depending on the variety and roast.

Your tongue would be the first organ to feel the acidity level of your coffee if its bitter or sour its clear the acidity levels are high. Your stomach may experience burning discomforts once you take that cup of coffee. This would mean that the acidity level of your coffee is high. The finer the coffee is, the more acidic it also gets to become.

How Can I Pick a Coffee Variety Which is More Acidic or Basic?    

Is Coffee Acidic or Basic?

Cream or milk to make it less acidic

The coffee beans would determine how acidic your coffee can be. A coffee user can't have control of how the coffee is cultivated since the soil pH levels would determine how acidic it can be. If the land where the coffee is grown is basic, the acidic level would be lower.

You can still lower the acidity of your coffee during the brewing process. More people are looking for less acidic coffee due to the doctor's recommendation. Other coffee users would experience heartburn when they ingest coffee with high acid levels. There are different ways or techniques one can use to lower the acidity level in their coffee.

You can choose to take dark roast coffee which would assist in lowering the acidity level. Dark chocolate coffee breeds acidity can't be profoundly altered through dark roasting. Identifying the origin of the coffee berries is vital.

Lightly roasting is the method which produces the dark roast coffee. The best way to take dark roast coffee is by cold brewing. It would make it smooth and sweet which ensures you won't irritate your stomach.

Another technique you can use to lower the acid levels of your coffee is through watering down. You can add more water to your coffee to reduce its concentration. This would lower the acidity of the coffee.

Milk and cream are considered to be basic. If you can take cream or milk, then adding a measurable amount of milk would make it less acidic. The more milk or cream you add to your coffee the lower its acidic levels.

Effect of High-Levels of Acidity in Coffee.

Low Acid Coffee

High acid levels in coffee are harmful to the health of an individual. It would lead to discomforts in your stomach. These discomforts may also lead to heartburns. With time the high concentration of the acids would lead to ulcers.

Over time due to the high levels of acid in the body, you would be prone to cancer. It would lower the level of oxygen in the body and make you feel heavy. Therefore, to minimize the risk of cancer, it would be good to decrease the acidity level of your coffee.

High levels of acid in your coffee can contribute to the failure of vital organs. High acid levels would lead to kidney stones and kidney failure. Continued use of coffee with high levels of acidity isn't advisable. Acidity in your body would lead to bone problems. The acid would eat into your bones making you feel weak, and experience aches. Your heart rate would also increase once you take coffee with high acid levels.


The level of acid in coffee is estimated to be between water and water. This means that coffee is not too acidic nor basic. You can choose to reduce your coffee which would make it safe for your health. Adding milk, cream or using light roast coffee are some of the ways you can lower its acidity.

However, the higher the level of the acid in the coffee the sweeter it can be. Always take adequate water when you make your coffee to balance the pH level in your body.

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