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Is Chris Christie Crooked? WHERE IS THE MONEY? WHERE is the Money?

Posted on the 07 November 2013 by Doggone
Taxpayers nationwide have a right to demand an answer to that question, because it involves the proper and intended disbursement of very specifically allocated federal funds.  That was not intended to be an unnecessarily expensive rah rah campaign ad featuring Chris Christie. 
That money WAS intended to rebuild homes and restore communities to functioning entities.
There is more 'pork' involved here than the fat around the governor's midsection.
Is Chris Christie Crooked?  WHERE IS THE MONEY?   WHERE is the money?
Chris Christie apparently did not pass the vetting of Mitt Romney to be his Veep.
Additionally, per recent polls, Christie could not carry his own state in a presidential election over Hillary Clinton. 
His bullying style, seen addressing tough but reasonable and fair questions form his constituents, is far less likely to play well on the national stage versus being tolerated, at least by some, in New Jersey.  It looks thuggish, crude, and not at all presidential.
But this suggests that there is plenty of baggage Christie is dragging around that could be used to sink him in a presidential bid or even just a bid to be the right wing nominee:

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