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Is Caring About What You Wear Unimportant?

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Is Caring About What You Wear Unimportant?

Is All Fashion Frippery?

  • Is fashion shallow?
  • Is caring about what you wear unimportant?
  • Is buying clothes wasteful?

We have to wear clothes as we don't live in a nudist society.

There is so much diversity in the human race and in cultures, yet we all wear clothes.

So why is fashion demonised so much?

Why do we feel so guilty about getting rid of clothing from our wardrobes yet when we often spend money on eating at a restaurant and it's gone in an hour?

Why do we make so many value judgements about clothing?

This is the topic Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I delve into in this video.

We need to be conscious about our consumption.

  • Where is the unnecessary waste in your wardrobe?
  • How can you make better decisions about what clothing choices you make?

The more you learn about what works for your body, colouring and personality, what your lifestyle needs really are and how you like to dress

My advice is to s pend the money on the knowledge as it will save you thousands (if not tens of thousands over your lifetime). This is why I've developed my 7 Steps to Style program to help you learn what really works for you (and in fact in the program Jill shares tips on how to become a more conscious shopper).

As you have to put on clothes each day. Why not choose garments that affirm you, that make you feel good, that flatter you in a way you love?

How do you feel about fashion, style, shopping, spending and where did you get your beliefs and attitudes from around these topics?

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