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Is Being Born With A “Caul/Veil” Located Anywhere Within The Bible?

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Is Being Born With A “Caul/Veil” Located Anywhere Within The Bible?

It is a question that some have inquired as they’ve come upon my blogs and a question I had wondered many years ago as I had never heard any mention directed toward being born with a caul or the significance per se when I had read through the bible back then.

An elder neighbor at the time had said though that being born with a caul was not referenced.

What I do remember as a young teenager and know for sure that I read within the scriptures of Corinthians stated that there were special talents to be given out such as the gifts of knowledge and wisdom, prophecy, faith, miracles, healing, discernment of spirits and the speaking and understanding of tongues. It may not all be in that specific order but I definitely do recall those spoken upon manifestations of the Holy Spirit that were written in the text.

Energy is all around us and everyone has their own style, way of thought, and sets of belief.

Throughout our journeys many of us have explored, deliberated, analyzed and etc… And that is necessary and it is good to wonder and to ask questions and to seek out information. It is vital to just be aware in life in general of as many things as possible while we collect mental notes of enlightenment and experience.

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