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Irritating Plant of the Month February 2020 - Oh How the Mighty Fall.

By Ozhene @papaver

I considered long and hard before deciding on this month's plant of annoyance. I realised that it had self-nominated as it was the plant I stood (squatted) in front of most often in recent weeks in a pleading sort of way. Dear reader, I present this month's irritating plant, the 2017 Blackberry Garden 'Plant of the Year' Award winner, it is no other than Galanthus Madeline.

Irritating plant of the month February 2020 - oh how the mighty fall.

At the time I took this photograph you can see that Madeline is swimming in a puddle. Before you all point and go 'aha! you planted her in a flood plain, no wonder she is not flowering', I can assure you that the puddle is unusual and is the outcome of the recent weeks and weeks of rain. Maybe it has not helped, maybe it is not relevant. I do not know, what I do know is that whilst there are leaves there are no beautiful yellow capped snowdrop flowers.

Irritating plant of the month February 2020 - oh how the mighty fall.

She flowered two years ago, she was beautiful then. She is beautiful now but lacking in flowers. I look at the amount of leaves that have come up and take some heart that there are quite a lot of them. I wonder if she does flower next year if I will get three flowers. Then all will be forgiven and she may win an award again (yes this is an attempt at bribery, shush).

Of course I do think I know why she has not flowered, I think I upset her. In 2018 I planted her into the garden and then promptly dug her up again as I thought I might be moving house. Then I replanted her and she threw her hands up in the air, muttered far more french sounding swear words than is reasonable for a sleeping snowdrop and has promptly sulked. When Madeline became french I am not entirely sure, but from now on she is officially french and her language preferences have been duly noted.

I whisper words of love to her (in poor french) and tell her I will not disturb her again. Let's hope a year of more peaceful sleeping will do her good.

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