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Irrawaddy Literary Festival

By Cilaw

The Irrawaddy Literary Festival flashed up on my radar yesterday.
Irrawaddy Literary Festival
What? Burma / Mayanmar’s first ever English language literary festival.
When? 1-3 February, 2013
Where? Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
Who? The indomitable, inimitable Aung San Suu Kyi is the patron of the festival, who said:

I am delighted to lend my support and personal participation to this first Irrawaddy Literary Festival. Literature has always been a big part of my life and I hope this festival, which brings together some of the finest talent from Burma, the UK and elsewhere will encourage more people to explore the world of literature and further their understanding of the English language.

Writers and supporters include: 

Fergal Keane, Jung Chang, Pascal Khoo Thwe, Rory MacLean, William Dalrymple, George FitzHerbert, Josceline Dimbleby, Nick Danziger, Sudha Shah, Rupert Arrowsmith and The Orwell Prize

This promises to be a revelatory event. Words are tools of change and revolution. That Burma is open to hosting a literary festival, headed by its most heroic voice for democracy, is thrilling.

My mission is to go and write about it. I am looking for commissions, suggestions, contacts, sponsorship for travel expenses — anything that will help me be a part of this historic event. So if you’re an editor, traveller, writer or otherwise interested please get in touch: [email protected] or via Twitter:@CilaWarncke

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