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IPL 2011 Auction – What is in Store?

By Santo
The IPL 4 version is about to witness some surprises in the auctioning arena, as speculations fly thick and fast from various quarters, inflaming the twenty-twenty fans to look for concurrent details pertaining to the IPL 20l11 competition. Harbajhan Singh, with the new avatar as a batting hero, is the top star with a high price tag attached to his head, as various teams including the Mumbal Indians vie with each other to lure this cricketer for the upcoming IPL 2011 competitions.
Yuvraj Singh, another of the heroes to attract millions of fans through this truncated version also has managed to remain in the top bracket with the Pune Warriors keen to induct the services of this blue-eyed boy of fanatics who have fallen prey to the truncated versions. In a turn of events, things have gone sour for the former Indian captain Saurav Ganguly, as the former star has lost its icon status, and talks of weeding out the services of this southpaw is doing the rounds now. An inspiring captain who had a good share in the Indian resurgence is now left in the lurch, with past glories doing little to add value to this wonderful player.
Batting supremo Sachin Tendulkar and the hard-hitting Dhoni maintain their price tags, as they are also likely to remain with Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings for the IPL 2011 competition. Yusuf Pathan, another merciless belter of the cricket ball is finding a place alongside Raina and Zaheer Khan to share the second bracketed price structure of 1.30 crores pertaining to the IPL price tags.
The Bengaluru stars, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble have also lost their sheen in this IPL 2011 auction as they have been thrown back in to the auction pool. With the IPL auctions igniting the passion of the fans, adrenaline-pumping games of the IPL 2011 is expected to drive the twenty-twenty fans crazy, who just love the reverberating sound of the bat on the ball.

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