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iPhone X: 10 Most Frequent Questions Answered

By Sandy16

Apple launched its first ever smartphone model that comes with the removal of the home button on the phone. Till date apple launched all the smartphone with the home button and this time it made an attempt to remove home button and named the model as the iPhone X. The iPhone X comes with the end-to-end display screen that means you will never experience a home button on your screen and you will notice is complete display on the front.

iPhone X was the center of attraction at the launch event of apple. Even though 3 iPhones were released iPhone X has more to say than the other iPhones. But there are many questions coming into mind to buy iPhone X or not? Here in this post, we will clear all the doubts on iPhone X. We have handpicked iPhone X most frequent questions asked from the interested buyers of iPhone X and here we will reveal the best answers for you. This post will clear all your iPhone X FAQs.

iPhone X most frequent questions

Will the phone locks completely when the Face ID fails?

You don’t’ need to worry about it as sometimes the phone may not draw your identity properly. If you fail to unlock the phone after multiple tries, then your phone will lock out and asks you to enter the Passcode. Here passcode acts as the backup code for your Face ID recognition.

Will the phone unlocks when I close my eyes?

This is the most co0mmon question we get to hear from the people who are interested in buying the iPhone X. This smartphone comes with Face ID recognition technology that maps your face and unlocks the phone. If you close the eyes it will not unlock the phone. Even though it does not require eyes detection your eyes should be opened in order to unlock the phone. After the complete mapping of the face the phone accepts to unlock the device.

Is it waterproof?

The very quick answer to this question is No. The iPhone X comes with the water resistant feature but not the waterproof feature. There is a lot of difference between these two words and you should consider them before going for it. The iPhone X comes with IP67 certification, which protects your phone from water when you submerge it for 30 minutes in a 1-meter depth of fresh water.

Will Face ID works when I grow the beard or wear sunglasses?

Apple said that iPhone X will work fine in any situation even if your face tends to change by growing beard or wearing sunglasses.  It analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots on your face to unlock the device by Truedepth camera technology.

How to get on the home screen without home button?

As expected this question was raised from most of the people and you don’t need to worry about it as it has a perfect solution. In the previous iPhone we have seen the home button to reach to the home screen but in iPhone X you can navigate to home by the swipe from anywhere.

Can I click better photos in low light?

Yes, you can click beautiful and outstanding pictures even in low light as both the cameras come with optical image stabilisation and fast lenses for better photos and videos even in low light.

Can I zoom the photos and videos?

Yes, you can zoom both the photos and videos on the iPhone X. It comes with the optical zoom with wide-angle and telephoto cameras. You can also experience the digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.

Does it support wireless charging?

Yes, it supports Qi wireless charging technology

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Dual-SIM and microSD card slot?

Apple followed the same features when coming to SIM slot and the microSD card slot. The answer for dual-SIM is No and there will be no microSD card slot.

Will it support most common features?

Yes, it supports most common features like Bluetooth, dustproof, AR, wireless charging, quick charging and fingerprint sensor.

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Here we have listed out all the iPhone X most frequent questions and these are answered with a detailed and clear explanation. If you have any additional questions on iPhone X you can ask us from the comments section. We will answer your question very quickly with better answers. Share the post and clear your friend’s doubt too.

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