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iPhone 11 Series Vs iPhone X Series: Should You Upgrade

Posted on the 11 October 2019 by Witselx9
iPhone 11 Series vs iPhone X Series: Should You Upgrade

Both iPhone X and iPhone 11 are now available at Apple Stores and other retailers around the world. Although iPhone 11 isn't a direct successor of iPhone X, its launch came almost two years after the launch of iPhone X.

Now that both phones are available in the market, many iPhone customers are considering to upgrade and aren't sure which one to pick between these two almost similar smartphones. In this post, we intend to compare iPhone 11 series to iPhone X series in a bid to enable customers to make an informed choice between the two impressive Apple creations.

The designs of these two iPhones are virtually the same. However, the differences come clear in the material used and the colours. While iPhone X comes with glossier stainless steel and a Silver or Space Grey colour, iPhone 11 is housed in an aluminium casing and comes in a wide range of colours to choose from. Nonetheless, the experience you get from the two phones is largely the same.

A bigger difference is seen in the resolution specs. This is because iPhone 11 comes with a better 1080p OLED display at 2436 x 1125 (458 pixels per inch) while iPhone X features a comparatively inferior LCD resolution at 1792 x 828 (326 pixels per inch). iPhone 11's screen is equally bigger and is only comparable to that of iPhone XR.

iPhone X comes with a 12 MP wide-angle and 2x zoom telephoto sensors as opposed to iPhone 11 that features 12 MP wide-angle but backed with ultra-wide sensors. The front cameras are also different. Even though iPhone 11 lacks the zooming functionality, the ultra-wide camera will offer you a comparatively better perspective. iPhone X comes with 7MP while iPhone 11 comes fitted with an upgraded front camera of 12MP coupled with a Face ID technology for faster recognition.

iPhone 11 Series vs iPhone X Series: Should You Upgrade

iPhone X comes fitted with A11 Bionic chip that is extremely fast and was the leading in smartphones right after its inception in 2017 to the better part of 2018 when A12 bionic chip overtook it. Yet again, the inclusion of iOS 13 in iPhone 11 changed everything. It took the performance in the phone industry a notch higher. Today, iOS 13 is the king when it comes to performance in any iPhone model.

iPhone X comes with an impressive battery life that is rated at nearly 13 hours of video playback. This, however, is still inferior to iPhone 11 that comes with an even better battery life that is approximated to be around 17 hours of video playback. When it comes to charging, both phones support wireless charging.

If storage is one of your main focus when buying a phone, then both smartphones start at 64GB storage capacity. However, iPhone XR comes with a 256GB flavour whereas iPhone 11 presents you with two options, 128 GB or 256GB. It is imperative to bear in mind, however, that you will pay an extra coin for the higher storage options unless you are buying a refurbished iPhone.


To some extent, iPhone 11 can be considered an upgrade of iPhone X because it comes with a screen that is comparatively larger and with a superior LCD resolution. It is imperative to note that poor resolution will lock you out of the OLED tech benefits, especially if you are using a refurbished iPhone. Evidently, you will truly appreciate the extremely faster processor, better quality picture shots and video recording as well as a longer better battery life that accompany iPhone 11.

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