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iPad Mini’s Launch : Which Impact on Your Mobile Advertising Campaigns on iPad & iPhone ?

Posted on the 02 November 2012 by Smartadblog @SmartAdServerEN

Today, Apple starts selling the iPad mini. This new tablet is smaller than a classic iPad but bigger than the iPhone. In our mobile infographic , we revealed the very good performances of iPhone and iPad advertising campaigns:

iPad mini’s launch : Which impact on your mobile advertising campaigns on iPad & iPhone ?

The iPad mini represents a great opportunity for advertisers and good news, delivering campaigns on that device does not require any additional specific implementation.

Delivering ads on iPad mini applications

Apple announced that all applications running on iPad will be compatible with the iPad mini. Your advertising campaigns will be delivered on that new screen, increasing the audience reach effortless.
The iPad mini is built against ARMV7 and compatible with all current Smart AdServer iOS SDKs.

Device resolution and creative design

Apple range of iOS devices now have 5 different screen resolutions.

iPad mini’s launch : Which impact on your mobile advertising campaigns on iPad & iPhone ?

The new iPad mini resolution is 1024×768 px, the same as the non retina iPad and it is interesting to note that all iPad devices have the same aspect ratio.
It means that advertisers do not have to design specific creative files for the iPad mini.

With Smart AdServer, you can serve ads that display perfectly on applications and mobile web for all of these devices.

For applications, Smart AdServer iOS SDK automatically resizes your creative files to adapt to the corresponding screen size. The best way to proceed is to upload a creative for the highest screen resolution (i.e. iPads with retina display) . You should anyway keep in mind that all elements must be easily clickable and readable for smaller screens.

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