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Iowa Democratic Party Leadership Should Be Ashamed

Posted on the 04 February 2020 by Jobsanger
Iowa Democratic Party Leadership Should Be Ashamed I had planned to use this space to report the results of the Iowa caucuses. That is not going to happen now.
It's not going to happen because the Iowa Democratic Party has demonstrated an unbelievable level of incompetence. The leadership of that state party has shamed themselves, and made the party look like it cannot even hold a simple election where results are reported in a timely manner.
They created an app that did not work on caucus night. That's inexcusable. That app should have been tested and then retested several times. And they should have had a telephone back-up system that was adequate to step in if the app failed (as it surely did). There were precinct chairs that waited on the phone for hours to report their results. That's also inexcusable.
There is only one conclusion we can reach after the debacle in Iowa. The leadership of the Iowa Democratic Party is incompetent.
When the Iowa Democrats meet in their state convention, they need to elect new state leadership -- leadership that is competent.

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