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iOS App of the Day: Hot Wheels Showdown

By Boxmash
Hot Wheels 02

Put the pedal to the metal in Hot Wheels Showdown, a blisteringly fast racer for your iPhone or iPad. With Showdown, you can teleport your Hot Wheels toy cars into the game, or use in-games to race on amazing circuits and grab pole position.

Showdown has 36 amazing track environments, with hundreds of cars from the history of Hot Wheels to race on them. There’s loads of skills you’ll need to learn to race at your best, like mastering hairpin turns, learning the streets of the city, or keeping it together off-road. And as you race, you’ll be able to unlock new and amazing upgrades for your Hot Wheels cars.

Hot Wheels Showdown is free to download from the App Store, and you can be buzzing around the tracks in no time. Not into cars? Then try a different game from our Best Apps channel.

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