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iOS App of the Day: Dizzy Fruit

By Boxmash

Male your brain go all fuzzy with this mental memory game. Dizzy Fruit asks just one question: Is this fruit the same as the last? But you’d be surprised at how hard that question can be when the clock is ticking!

Dizzy Fruit shows you lots of pictures of different fruits, and all you need to do is say if it’s the same as the last fruit you saw. But the timer gets shorter and shorter as the game goes on, and you need to think fast even when the pressure is high. Keep a clear head and you’ll rocket to the top of the leader boards, but say the wrong thing too many times and it’s game over!

To see how long you can stay sane for, download Dizzy Fruit from the App Store. If you find it makes your head fuzzy, try a different game from the Best Apps channel.

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