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Introduction to Roulette Rules

Posted on the 24 September 2017 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

How Roulette Works

How roulette works

Roulette is not only the most famous but also the most widely played gambling game in the world. The roulette game rules everyone can learn quickly, it is only about correctly predicting where the ball remains in the roulette bowl. But since there are different ways to make your bet, you should get an accurate overview of the roulette rules before the game.

In time, the roulette rules have adapted themselves to an international standard. There are important differences only in the handling of the zero game. The biggest difference is the game with a zero or with the double zero. The classic standards make the game so attractive, but not only that: Roulette has become the embodiment of gambling. Right, because here the real coincidence is the decision.

Most Important Roulette Rules:

First, make your bets: Put on either a color or numbers

As soon as you hear “nothing goes”, no further assignments are possible. If you put on the number/colour on which the ball lands, you won.

The course of the online game is basically built on the casino roulette rules. For all who wants to play online roulette, we explain, what you should pay attention to and the differences to roulette in different casinos.

The roulette basics

The distribution of the 37 numbers (1-36 + 0) in the roulette bowl is precisely defined. The numbers are assigned the colours red and black (exception: 0). The numbers 1-9 are uniformly alternately red and black, for all others, the transverse sum determines which color they have. For example, the 12 has the transverse sum 3 and is red because the 3 is also red. In the boiler, there is the constant change between red and black, which is interrupted only once by the green zero. For players of simple odds, it is interesting that a low number, ie 1-18, always changes with a higher number, namely 19-36. Exceptions here are the 10 and the 5th. They lie opposite the zero and as low numbers next to each other. Even and odd numbers do not change so harmoniously. Often, just one more even number follows.

French roulette vs. American roulette

How many roulette variants are there? Classic, the player can choose between two roulette variants. French and American roulette differ primarily in the tableau (roulette table). The tableau at the American roulette is somewhat smaller, as well as certain seating possibilities are often missing. Officially it is also in the casino that there are only a certain number of places at the American Roulette and that each player, who could get a place, get colour-coded chips. All of this should help to speed up the game.

The French Roulette Rules and the American Roulette Rules are basically not very different. A very significant difference, however, is that in the US in American roulette in addition to the zero usually still a double zero, which of course reduces the profit chances of the individual player. The Bank’s advantage is rising to 5.26%. This is a real disadvantage for the players. One should not be surprised if the arrangement of the numbers in the boiler on the American continent confuses. Not only is the additional number of Double Zero added, but the whole arrangement of the numbers is different. In South America, however, the double zero is rarely represented, but the boiler will also be arranged differently.

The simple odds have a further disadvantage on the other side of the Atlantic: with zero-play, the bet is lost. Even in South America the use in the zero game is lost, although without double zero is played. In Europe, it is “frozen” and halved if necessary. However, the bet is lost only after the third zero game in a row. For the different roulette variants, the presence of the double zero must be considered. The other roulette rules 0 may be somewhat different depending on the casino, but usually, have no serious effects in the game. Also in the online roulette rules, the zero occupies a special place.

Whenever you have the choice, I would therefore recommend you to play French roulette, in many game banks also mixed versions of French and American roulette are offered and the boundaries become more and more liquid.

Roulette Calculator

You can bet by placing chips or cash on the roulette table. In the case of the casino roulette rules, one differentiates offline as well as online between simple and multiple chances. With the simple odds, you bet on a total of 18 numbers (eg all red numbers), whereby you have a profit chance of almost 50% and your bet simply in case of a profit easily returned. If you have more than one chance, you can bet on 1 to 12 numbers: because you risk more, you also get a bigger profit. You have the least profit chances if you put on a single number. If you are lucky, however, you receive your bet 35-fold.

Starting games and combinations

In addition to the opportunities presented so far, there is also the possibility to bet several tokens and thus combine different chances. This can make the roulette rules seem complicated at first sight. The advantage is, however, that the croupier certainly understands such an announcement and can bet for the player. So if you want to concentrate on a well-known combination, you have to make a short announcement to be understood. Each player can also create a very individual combination. If the dealer is to put chips, these personal combinations have to be divided into known chances. To put combinations always means that you need several tokens for a combination. It is best to know how many pieces will be required. This not only makes the player look competent and professional, but above all helps to keep track of their own capital.

The payout ratio

The payout ratio for roulette can be exactly determined: it is 97.3%. The house advantage is 2.7% and ensures that the casino remains in the plus and can finance itself. This house advantage is due to the fact that the roulette bowl is quite unimpressive at first sight. That is why with the casino roulette rules and the online roulette rules, the payout rates are the same and the one green zero is decisive for both.

Roulette rules for zero

Although the zero secures the casino the house advantage and it is usually unfavourable for the players when it appears, you can also set to zero, either as a plain or in combination with other numbers (eg Cheval).

If the zero falls, all those who have placed on multiple opportunities have lost. For the simple odds (red/black, even/odd, 1-18/18-36), however, a special rule applies: the En-Prison rule.

The En-Prison rule translates “in prison” and ensures that all bets are locked to the simple odds and moved behind the line of the respective chance on the tableau. If the chance you have placed in the next round wins, you receive your bet, otherwise, it is lost. In case of profit, however, only the bet will be released again. You do not make an extra profit. Even if you’re lucky after the zero, you’ll need it again to make a real profit. The zero delays decisions for simple chances.

Minimum and maximum rates

In the game bank, a shield over the roulette table indicates the limits for the bets. This ensures that the bank does not go bankrupt. Even if it is not likely, a player with extremely high capital and good luck in his strategy could completely empty a casino. For tables with a smaller use such as 2 € or 5 €, the maximum bet is also correspondingly smaller. Often the highest bet is also given for simple odds. In normal cases, it ranks between € 10,000 and € 14,000.

Online roulette rules follow the same system. Also in many online casinos, it is so that you can choose from tables with different limits. In addition, you can choose whether you want to play alone at a table or rather with others.

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