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By Astylizedhysteria


As much as I love being a Boston blogger, I can’t deny that I live close to one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Oh, New York, how you tempt me with your incredible energy and opportunities. And how you break my heart with your obscenely priced housing market. But it’s all cool. Because I have a fairly awesome (ok, totally awesome) friend who is right in the midst of the city and who is going to start contributing to A Stylized Hysteria!


Devon and I have been friends since we were paired up for a writing project in college. Remind me to share our magazine with you guys another time. She’s going to provide a witty and entertaining view of the fashion scene in New York from her vantage point as a fashion reporter (aka worker ant) at the Financial Times (which is owned by Pearson Publishing, and allows her great access to designers, stores, and more). Look for her first post to come soon and tell us what you think!


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