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Introducing 'Un Air De Bordeaux', Taking Locals out of Their Comfort Zone!

By Invisiblebordeaux
Introducing 'Un Air de Bordeaux', taking locals out of their comfort zone!
A few months ago I was approached for an interview by the Bordeaux tourist office ahead of the launch of their new webzine, Un Air de Bordeaux. The webzine has now gone live, and it is a fine resource that is set to be a valuable addition to the local online ecosystem! 
Un Air de Bordeaux is primarily aimed at locals, to encourage them to get out and about, to see, visit and explore the surrounding metropole, but it is also bound to be of interest to international readers! It covers everything from parks to museums, tries out various oddball offerings, pinpoints child-friendly activities and lists upcoming events (exhibitions, sport, concerts, festivals, etc.).
Introducing 'Un Air de Bordeaux', taking locals out of their comfort zone!The interview I gave features among a collection of “Super week-end” suggestions in the lifestyle section of the webzine. In it I reveal five unusual places to head to in order to enjoy an unusual take on the city, such as the scenic Parc Floral and the wide open spaces of Eysines, the “vegetable garden of Bordeaux”. One of my top tips is the national social security museum in Lormont, but do note that this most unusual of museums is only open on weekdays!
So, head on over to Un Air de Bordeaux and see where the webzine takes you. There is, after all, so much more to Bordeaux than its waterfront and Rue Sainte-Catherine!
> Visit Un Air de Bordeaux > Check out “Le super week-end de Tim Pike”!
Video introduction here: Click here if video does not display properly on your device.

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