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Introducing Twitter with Different Languages

By Tlb
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Social media is undeniably part of our daily lives already. Aside from the typical social life we get so familiar already, the society in the Internet is also another way of mingling with people in a whole new different way. This is where Facebook and Twitter gets on the scene. Almost all people have accounts on these two famous social media sites, and I’m not surprised if you have one or all of these as well.

Since socialization always involve language as a medium of communication, and social media is considered as a society already, the use of language in the Internet is also manifested. Through this, the need to learn language is also very essential to become highly effective in communicating in the social media world.

And speaking of the need of languages in the social media, Twitter is currently in the progress of “tweeting” with the use of different languages. Yes, you read it right. Twitter today is now launching its translation service to make it more accessible!

If you are an avid Twitter user, you won’t be having any problems in translating tweets anymore, especially when it focuses on translating the product of the tweet itself. Twitter is currently offering foreign languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. And soon, new languages like Indonesian, Russian and Turkish, and Portuguese will be added to make it more versatile. Isn’t this amazing?

The world is slowly becoming smaller as we seem it to be. Modernization and innovation to make our society easier and more comfortable is gradually taking place. No wonder most people are motivated to learn language. They understand the importance of how they can be great contributors in making the world easier to live for, despite that some people are overlooking at its importance.

I know you are happy knowing the good news of Twitter breaking the barricades of language gaps. I know other social media sites are also aiming to launch their own translations in various languages. How about you, are you decisive to break language barriers as well?

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