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Introducing Menos Mal - The Otter Beats Session

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by The Otter Beats @theotterbeats
Introducing Menos Mal - The Otter Beats Session
Menos Mal is a band from Windsor Ontario that was gracious enough to come and perform an acoustic set for our show. The first song comes out of the wood work showing the range of the singer as well as the groups bravado. The song breaks down into some sexy bass and guitar harmonization, well done.

Introducing Menos Mal - The Otter Beats Session The next song comes with a little bit more funk as so aptly named Country Funk. Bob didn't have his guitar slide on him so we made do with a lighter. Bringing a dirtier twang it does inspire one to feel out in the boondocks. Blending their blues rock style with some funk allows them to stretch their sound to other areas. When the harmonica starts playing is where the real fun starts. Really.

Last but not least comes the last song of the set Out of My Mind. In actuality we recorded this first. We can definitely get to see the guitar skills of guitarist Bob Soulliere and Alex Golob, not to actually be out done by the bass lines of Jake Smith and Will Giordano on percussion. Awesome set and do not forget to listen to our show this week. Also they plan on releasing an EP later this summer so stay tuned. As always happy listening.

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