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Introducing Bodhi Derma, Genuinely Holistic Skincare

Posted on the 01 March 2016 by Beinglatinacom

Bodhi Derma is the first and only skincare line to integrate chakras, flower essences and affirmations with skincare, making the products genuinely Holistic.

The products are free of toxins and anything potentially harmful to people or the planet. Formulated to promote clear skin, reverse visible signs of aging and promote a radiant complexion, by choosing Bodhi Derma skincare you can be confident about showing off your bare face. That unmistakable glow of good health speaks to the relationship you have not only with your body, but also with your mind and spirit. That is what holistic beauty is all about.

Chakras: Each product is aligned with a chakra center to enhance and enlighten your experience.

Affirmations: Bodhi Derma has learned from research and experiential learning, that just a few minutes a day of deliberate self-talk, followed by proactive behavior, can create uplifting habits and emotions within yourself that lead to long-term change. The company encourages you to embrace the affirmations provided on your chosen Bodhi Derma products while following your daily skincare ritual.

Flower Essences: Flower essences have the subtle power of healing on the emotional, mental and physical levels. Bodhi Dermaproducts contain flower essences that help open your heart, facilitate your connection with your purpose and healing old trauma.

Unique Botanical Ingredients: Cutting edge anti-aging ingredients like red snow algae, apple stem cells, prickly pear cactus and liposomes are combined with nourishing botanical ingredients that help heal, rejuvenate and protect the skin.

The founders of the holistic skincare company share a collective 25 years of experience in complementary medicine - combining acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, reiki, facial rejuvenation, martial arts, massage, chakra balancing and meditation. Their integrative approach to their practice and personal life informs and influences every product they create. They created Bodhi Derma skincare line because they hadn't found a single skincare line that authentically embodied the concept of Holistic beauty.

"In Asian medicine, practitioners believe that a person's face reveals the health of his or her entire body and that true beauty, rooted in self-love, emanates from within." - Hilde Schirmer, CEO & Co-Founder of Bodhi Vida

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